Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pull Up A Chair and Sit Awhile...This is Gonna Be A Long One!

Yes...I know it's been awhile, like always, but I have no excuses. So, to make up for the last few months, be ready for a FEW pictures and a FEW stories so I can get you caught up on what's been going on in our lives since March...the last time I posted.

Let's see...think I'll start with April and our first trip to a Rangers game this season. WOW!! We were given great tickets and had seats 4 rows up from home plate. Not too many seats that are better than those! Here are a few of our pictures:

Cody and Bailey got an autograph from Matt Harrison.

Cody, Jeffrey, and Justin enjoying some time on the swing.

What a crew! Some of the best looking kids I've ever seen!!

For Mother's Day my wonderful guys got us tickets to another Rangers game. Jeff, Cody, and I went to Arlington that Saturday afternoon. I got to go shopping while they waited on me, and nobody told me to hurry or "come on, Mom." It was really wonderful! We had mexican food (my favorite) for supper, stayed in a great hotel, and headed off to the game on Sunday morning. Once again we had terrific seat, we got red sparkley Rangers visors, and it was photo op day, so we got to go onto the field and have our pictures made with the players. Now, let me just tell you that I was SOOOOOO excited about this!! I was feeling like quite the princess!! Here are a few pictures of our fantastic day:

Jeff and Cody outside the Home Plate gate.

It was REALLY warm that day, and Cody decided this was a good look for him, while at the same time being cool. He'd dunk his towel in our ice chest, the squeeze it out and put it on his head under his hat to keep him cooled off. I just wore mine around my neck, as did Jeff. Didn't want to take the "cool look" away from Cody, you understand.

Jami's boys also got them tickets to the game for her Mother's Day gift, and so we met up with them in center field. They boys played the games and Jami and I decided it was a great photo opportunity. Love my sis!!

Now remember that I said it was photo op day, so I took full advantage of it!! Here are some shots, and yes I know my smile is big enough to light up Broadway, but what can a girl say! I was excited!!!

Cody, Michael, and me. Woohoo!!

Jeff, Josh, and me. He's really very tall!! And quite the charmer.

Like I said earlier, my smile could have lit up Broadway! I must say that the closer Ian got, the shakier I got. And, my wonderful husband took this picture, so I know he still loves me!!! He didn't even mind that I sent it to all my friends on my phone. Had to share the experience you know. Didn't want anyone missing out!

The end of school was just crazy!! Cody passed all 3 of his TAKS test--YEA CODY!!!!! He made it on the honor roll for the year. He got awards for football, basketball, track, band, and One-Act play. I don't have a picture though because I couldn't find anyone to cover my class for the awards ceremony. That's ok though...he had a big smile on his face when he came into my room after school to show off his awards. Way to go Cody!! We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments this year!!

Jeff got to go to Tahoka to see Sydney graduate from Kindergarten.

Does this little one look like a charmer or what?! Or, does that look just mean trouble... 8-)

Here's Miss Sydney in her cap and gown with her teacher. Very cute!! Way to go Syd!!!! We are so proud of you!

We also got to spend Memorial Day with Joey, Leslye, Keaton, Mom, Dad, and Granny in Stephenville. We had a fun day and a wonderful lunch that Joey and Leslye cooked. And of course we weren't at all excited about playing with Keaton. No, poor thing just sat there in the floor all by his lonesome and got no attention from anyone. Yea, right!!!! He's just so cute!!

Two very handsome boys. Looks like they kinda like each other, huh?

All in all, we have had a wonderful last few months, and I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures and enjoyed our pictures. You know that I can say I'll try to do better in the future, but what's the point of that! I'll be back when I get back (this way there are no high expectations. !!) 8-)

Hope everyone has a fantastic summer!!!! I know we will!!!

(Please excuse the crazy layout. Guess if I did this more I'd be better at it. Oh well, enjoy!!)


Jami said...

Wow! Ok. Guess I won't comment about how I fell out of my chair AGAIN because you actually updated your blog! :-)

And, you didn't mention that you sent me that picture of you and Ian at least 26 times! At least! Did you send it to everyone else that many times?! :-)

Glad to see what's going on in your life....even though I already knew. Maybe we should have a blog updating lesson in Abilene next week amongst the other 10 million things we have to do!